Who are we?

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We’re People just like yourself that

decided to Take2seconds

and clicked that button to save a life…to protect our future

Why Would You Take2seconds?

The Better Question would be When will yOUR 2020 Vision

inspire you to Take2seconds?


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How Will We do this?


By Challenging Everyone connected to you to Challenge you to Take2seconds to help save a life of someone you know within six degrees….

What we know is that everyone has a number, the question is what is it for you you?

  • Will it be a set number of people that must click the button before you,
  • or the number of people who challenge you personally,
  • or will be how many people this project must help before you click that button?

What is your number, tell us and as soon as we hit it will let you know.


to invest more in the Take2seconds 2Growit4ward project that will connect One Billion Students, their Teachers


Hundreds of School kids and their teachers


their Parents, Family, Friends, Neighbors, Local Businesses,

Organizations, Communities, Governments….together!

so That everyone is connected to the right people, tools, resources and trainings around the world

on all levels through a 20 year educational cycle that repeats.

It will grow with them, their teachers, friends, community….

 With just two seconds of your time to click a button you can increase the rate.


Take the Challenge

Sign your b


Sign your Charity

Take the Challenge


Vission for the future.

Schools & Testing

Every School / educational facility is eligible for free seeds.

Take the Challenge


The Energy we save today, will be used to change the future.


Harness the power of heat to cool the planet

 #Take2seconds Shareit4ward.com  They Challenged You


World Map showing Corporations around the world #Take2seconds Shareit4ward.com



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808f8b3275b4df761a4a75aa452ca72dInvest based on the number of followers,

Take2seconds 2Growit4ward by Clicking a Button!


Every click inspires more People…Corporations…Governments to step forward….

to take some of the money they agreed to spend on coffee, advertising, getting elected and

invest it in our future generations through the Take2seconds 2Growit4ward 2020 20 year seed project. 

Decide to Take2seconds of your time to help create a life time for another person you know within six degrees.

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We’re connecting people around the world

We’re set to engage 1 Billion Students and their Teachers in 2020

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Recent Work


Together we can build more windmills with the Take2seconds 2Growit4ward project

tree Plantation

Together we can plant more trees with the Take2seconds 2Growit4ward project

Pollution Awareness

Together we can not only bring more awareness to the effects of pollution but do something about it with a billion seeds to start with the Take2seconds 2Growit4ward project

Developed Climate

Together we can adapt to a new climate with the Take2seconds 2Growit4ward project

Think Green ! Save Money

Clean Water


Forest Rescue




Alternative Energy